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status-multicolour-nylon-72-x-48-inch-luxurious-taba-area-rug-status-multicolour-nylon-72-x-48-inch-hykydoFitial, Tenorio report on the state of the Commonwealth-at home and out

In today’s State of the Commonwealth Address, Gov. Benigno R. Fitial is expected to reaffirm his administration’s key governance technique: Strong partnership toward a common goal with local leaders, policymakers and private sector players.

NMI carves its niche as educational destination

The government is now capitalizing on a new concept that will support existing destination enhancement strategy: An education tourism industry.

Govt curtails illegal fund disbursements

The CNMI government raised the bar on public accountability by giving existing laws more teeth to prosecute officials and employees engaged in the illegal disbursement of public monies.

Pacific Times going compact

Pacific Times is giving in to Europe and Asia’s Fleet Street mania and will convert into a compact publication beginning next Friday, May 4, 2007.

Sitting Among World Giants By John DelRosario, Jr.

Recently, I sat in high-powered meetings pertaining to investment. The people before me have attained giant global strides by filling certain needs for millions of around the world. Awed at the magnitude of issues global corporations deal with annually, the least I could do was bluff it by, well, trying to look intelligent.

Fitial beefs up NMI tourism plans

Returning from a successful visit to Kumho Asiana Group headquarters in Seoul, Korea, Gov. Benigno R. Fitial announced that Asiana Airlines will add four daytime flights a week from South Korea to Saipan beginning May 27.

Americans’ spending habits under study

The US Census Bureau has deployed field representatives to collect information about how much Americans spend for groceries, clothing, transportation, housing, health care, and other items from a sample of households across the country.

Barrack Obama wins the election

Barrack Obama is the next president after George W. Bush having won the elections by a close margin. Obama seems to be a very popular candidate but there are still quite a number of people who dislike him. Will Obama be able to win the hearts of all of the people in United States of America? It is yet to be seen. The world is now well placed for a huge revolution and change.