Promoting Better Health in the Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is awash with stress, lots of high-tension work and some of the worst coping mechanisms. Over eating, smoking and working too much are all a byproduct of an unhealthy working lifestyle. As an employer, it can be vitally important to work to promote a healthier way to work for all of your employees.

With that in mind, here are the best ways to help promote a healthier lifestyle in your workplace.

Get Your Staff Moving

The problem with the modern workplace is the fact that it is a very sedentary lifestyle. Movement is not the typical state of being for anyone sat at a desk, as obviously it tends to be the case that people want to stay working at their desk. Getting people to get up and be a little more active, then, can be a much more difficult endeavour altogether.

Promote Healthier Eating

Eating in the workplace is often quite an unhealthy affair. Takeaways, meal deals and snacking tend to be the brunt of what everyone likes to eat on a daily basis. Eating tends to be a coping method for the monotony of office life. Therefore, breaking people out of these habits and getting them to eat in a healthier fashion can be extremely difficult.

So, promote healthy recipes in your workplace or even ways to help supplement your workers diets; like magnesium tablets and high strength fish oil. You may not be able to influence your employees diets directly, but you can certainly help to push them in the right direction.

Talk About Fitness Incentives

The problem with modern life is that we fail to think about the health benefits available to us. So, celebrating health ‘days’ and letting your employees know when a certain event is happening can be one way you get the conversation going.

One good way to try and incentivise healthier living for your employees is to actively contribute towards a gym membership. Every month, you could put a certain amount towards a membership. Obviously you can not actually make the employee go to the gym. But, if your put money towards it then they may at least be more willing to try at the very least. This can be considered one of your companies ‘perks’.

Encouraging Healthier Snacking

Snacking in the office environment is one of the ways that we get through the day and cope. However, unhealthy snacking is often the poison of choice for many office workers and it can prove a bad one in the long run. Unhealthy snacks tend to be full of salts, fats and other unfortunate ingredients which you don’t want in your daily diet. So, looking for alternatives becomes imperative.

One way to help promote this as an employer is to give out healthy snacks yourself. Provide a fruit bowl, give everyone breakfast on certain days of the week or something similar to make it much more healthy to snack in your office.

And with that, you have some of the ways in which you can work to help promote a much healthier workplace – both for you and your employees.