Why reforestation is incredibly important

Today, many trees are being cut down and this has bad consequences for our atmosphere. We must therefore invest more than ever in reforestation. Trees are an incredibly important factor in our quality of life! We would like to tell you more about this and why reforestation is so important. So read on if you want to know more.

The situation today

Before we start about the advantages of foundation reforestation, we would like to tell you more about the situation as it is now. Wood is used for many things. We use it to make furniture, floors, decorations and even barns. Not only that, but we also use wood to make fires to keep us warm. In this process, many trees are cut down to meet the demand for wood. However, many more trees are cut down than are planted. In this way, we get a great shortage of trees. It is therefore more important than ever that we invest in reforestation because if we do not, this can have serious consequences for our lives. After all, trees have many more useful properties than just the wood.

Why reforestation

There are many reasons why foundation reforestation is so incredibly important. We have collected the most important ones for you. First of all, trees convert CO2 into oxygen. We already have too much CO2 in the air today, so we should let the trees do their job to clean the air! In addition, trees make the air even cleaner because the leaves and bark of trees can trap bad substances in the air. In addition, trees are necessary to maintain the world’s biodiversity. Many animals use trees as a place to live and if there is no place to live then there are automatically fewer options for animals. The animals are then endangered and can go extinct. That’s not all, because the roots of trees can even filter our drinking water! Also, trees catch water very well so an effect of that is that our streets do not flood so easily. The roots of the trees ensure that the water can be absorbed into the ground and without these roots that would be a lot more difficult. Trees are also largely responsible for preventing soil erosion. The growth of the roots of trees ensures that the soil is held together well, which saves a lot of soil erosion and that’s good to know of course.