A Simple Way To Run Your eCommerce Business With WordPress Hosting

When WordPress hosting in NZ was started, its sole purpose was blogging. But now, it is also a potent website builder that can also create an online store.

Running a successful online store is quite more challenging than it sounds. But with the right strategies and best practices with the combined power of WordPress domain host. You can successfully streamline your eCommerce operations and open a successful business.

In this article, let us discuss some simple ways you can run your eCommerce business using wordpress hosting.

How Does eCommerce Work on WordPress?

The WordPress software does not provide any exclusive features to build an eCommerce webpage. But you can always add functionality to it using different plugins.

To create a solid foundation for your eCommerce webpage, you need to first set up your basic wordpress webpage like any other webpage. Then install the wordpress plugin for the eCommerce webpage, and research to get the best one. Once this is done, you can create a simple store with a wordpress page.

For design control, install a WordPress theme that is compatible with your plugin. Ensure you take care of critical details such as payment gateway, shipping, taxes, etc. You can also make use of different plugins to expand your store features.

Note-One of the biggest blunders you can make while building your eCommerce webpage is loading it up with unnecessary functionality. When you do that, it can directly affect the conversion rate, as no one likes extra work.

Remember, when you add plugins and extensions to your webpage, it leads to adding extra code and script to your audience webpage. This means the more the script, the slower your webpage will get running your audience’s shopping experience.

How Does WordPress Can Help to Enhance Your eCommerce Store?

1.       Ease of Usage and Free

The best hosting for wordpress eCommerce is that it is open source. This means you can easily download software, create an account and use it for free. However, you would need a little technical know-how to work on WordPress.

However, you can use the drag-and-drop option to manage the entire eCommerce business.

2.      Numerous eCommerce templates

The best part of wordpress hosting in New Zealand is their offering template options to build a webpage. WordPress offers numerous templates that you can easily customize relating to your brand’s uniqueness.

There are almost 8000+ themes and 1200+ eCommerce templates for building a webpage.

3.      Customization and Flexibility

With wordpress hosting in NZ, you can customize your eCommerce webpage as per your need. You can effortlessly change how it looks and make use of different themes and layouts that add detail to your webpage.

Further, you can use different styles and designs to create your cart, price list product categories, and so much more.

4.     SEO Friendly

Another best thing about wordpress eCommerce hosting is that you don’t have to stress about the search engine ranking of your eCommerce webpage.

WordPress hosting ensures webpage speed, optimization, URL, etc. You will be shocked to know wordpress hosting somehow works better than most webpage builder tools out there.


WordPress is a real asset when you want to build your eCommerce webpage. Over time, wordpress has grown into a robust platform, allowing its users to streamline all their eCommerce operations and businesses.