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Simple Ways You Can Create A Happy Workplace

Every boss aspires to create a happy and friendly workplace, giving workers a positive work life whilst keeping them motivated. Consequently, this encourages business growth as productivity is often linked with employee motivation. With this in mind, here are simple ways you can create a happy workplace:

Praise and Recognition

For many of us, we work to pay our bills and rent, or mortgage. However, we still desire a happy work life, with opportunities and prospects, working because we like to – not because we need to. That’s where praise and recognition come in. This can be through an email, acknowledging the good work your employees are doing, or even a handwritten note left on their desk. Little gestures like this can have an incredibly positive impact on your staff. Alternatively, you could give an award monthly to the “best employee”, where everyone can vote for who they think has gone above and beyond that month.

Work Benefits

Providing your employees with work benefit can be excellent way to create happy workplace. Many companies now offer work perks to their staff, this includes gym memberships, restaurant vouchers and transport to work paid for. For those who have a big commute, …

Melbourne Moves: What You Should Know Before Moving Office Space in Melbourne

Melbourne is a traveller’s paradise. With an array of attractions and landmarks, Melbourne’s diverse landscape offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy some of the best restaurants in Australia, stunning beaches and a vibrant city with a thriving arts scene. Because this city has such a vibrant tourism sector, those businesses looking to relocate to a more diverse area might just find workplace nirvana in Melbourne.

Moving to an office space in Melbourne, choose from 4 prime locations throughout the city and get ready to embrace all this amazing city has to offer. The move, however, can be complicated if you’re not properly prepared. In addition to the logistics of the actual move, business owners need to prepare for any issues that might arise during the relocation. However, by preparing well ahead of time, any move can be well-executed.

If moving your office to the City by the Bay, read the following tips below to make sure your relocation goes according to plan.

Make an Agenda

More than just making a plan, an agenda dictates a time for when tasks should be completed before moving to your new office space to Melbourne. First and foremost, business owners should create a …