Getting Started with your own Horse Tips

From the many active punters across the UK, there is a large portion who specialise in betting on horse racing. This is evenly matched with football betting, where there are just as many betting markets to stake money on, but more hidden depths with making horse tips, leaving a lot of people wondering how best to get involved.

While there is a significantly larger selection of jargon to grasp when it comes to placing bets on horse racing, a lot of these terms are far simpler after a brief explanation. People struggle with NAPs, but they’re actually very simple, as all they consist of is the best odds for horse racing from all in contention. The same can be said for Ante Post betting, which is a method of backing your horse tips prior to the race getting underway in order to seal the biggest price.

After you’ve started to understand what all of these terms mean, other factors you’ll need to consider for your own horse tips include:

Horse racing betting markets

 Whether you’re choosing a more advanced market like a Lucky 15 or if you’re looking to be less risky with your bet by backing a NAP, you need to identify exactly how you’re choosing to bet before identifying which horse you fancy.

The most preferable option is a compromise between the two where your bet stands a chance of landing and the odds are fair for the number of selections you’re betting on. This will tend to be a horse treble bet, where you can place your bet either to win or place, with odds of 5/1 or over usually available for these types of horse tips.

Bookmakers with the best offers

 Although it will go without saying for experienced bettors such as The Winners Enclosure, it can’t be stressed enough how crucial it is to assure the best odds on your own horse tips. After working out what you want to bet on, you can compare the odds for your chosen bet across every popular bookmaker to see who offers the biggest price.

There are some bookies who even provide an enhanced special on what you’re betting on, as boosted odds on horse tips occur daily and aim to benefit punters with a better price on some of the most coveted horses that are set to run.

 Proving the strength of your bet

 When you’re finally happy with the horse bet you’ve constructed and the odds in which you’ll be backing it, you’re left with one last chance to check the strength of what you’re betting on. You can easily do this by looking at betting websites and by seeing what people are saying on social media.

It doesn’t mean that you must dismiss your thoroughly researched bet if others aren’t backing the same horse tips, but it could be an indication that there’s an issue with what you’re predicting.