How To Match Your Sneakers With Your Outfit

These days, trainers are now being worn for a range of different reasons, it’s no longer just a staple item from hip hop. More and more people are wanting comfort over formal, so it is becoming more popular for people to be able to wear less formal shoes for the office. There are many sophisticated gentlemen who are rocking the power suit and statement sneaker look. The issue about this is that so many men are doing it all wrong, mismatching their attire with their off looking trainers. In this article, we will go through some examples of how to match sneakers with their outfits.

Bold Trainers

Rule: Pair With Simple Clothing – Lose The Graphic Tees

Simple luxury trainers are still a fantastic statement piece, but we are here to talk about bold statement pieces. We’re talking oversized soles, bold colours that clash, huge logos and just absolutely bizarre looking designs. With this trend of trainers, it’s all about standing out, so it’s best to tone it down and wear something pretty tame so that your trainers do all the talking, this means plain neutral colours, straight jeans.

Retro Trainers

Rule: Wear With Modern Clothing

With everything going on in the world, it is no wonder that people are feeling a bit nostalgic about the past. Whether it’s the fashion, the easy living, or just simply being allowed to go out the house without having to book somewhere 6 months in advance. Well, we can’t do much about that right now but who needs that when you have retro trainers? This doens’t mean that you need to put on your retro shell suit or fluorescent leg warmers. It means that you should acknowledge that they are from the past but have both feet in the present. Some good items of clothing to go with retro trainers could be a simple Tee, cropped jeans or chinos and a bomber jacket.

Minimal Trainers

Rule: Wear With Simple Pieces

A few years ago, minimalist trainers werent a thing. There were vans, or pumps which were popular but they werent exactly shouting fashionable. The scandinavian lifestyle caught everyones eye with its pulled back stylish look, encouraging other designers to hold back on big bold designs. Common Projects are a great example of minimal trainers. The best combination for these are tailored pieces like a blazer and some smart trousers or normcore attire.

Lifestyle Runners

Rule: Wear With Luxe Sportswear and Tailored Pieces

Lifestyle trainers dont just have to be worn with a full tracksuit anymore. The technology for lifestyle fitness trainers have moved away from just pure function, with their weird materials and cushioned inner soles. They have now been made with some elegance which holds a certain finess which can be paired with some really great outfits.  To pull the look of wearing lifestyle runners, it’s best to do it with either smart urban streetwear, or alternatively for a  bit of flair, pair them with jeans and a hoodie to balance it all out.